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Mar 30, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any characters associated with it. from the bottom layer before a horrified adult snatched him away. . "Fuck me Koga! . Koga was the type of man who didn't care who he was having sex.

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Breaking their kissing to let out a sensual moan, Kikyo tipped her head back and closed her eyes as she took the entirety of Miroku into her. Unlike the frantic, passionate movements of Kagome and her lover, Kikyo took a slower pace, sharing long and drawn-out kisses with Miroku inuyasha and kagome fuck she slowly slid up and down atop him.

Miroku seemed perfectly fine with the slower pace, his hands taking the time to wander down her nude body, mostly groping at her niche fetishes ass as she inuyasha and kagome fuck and inuyasha and kagome fuck on him. The only ones who had yet to fully remove any clothing were Sango and Inuyasha.

At the time, Inuyasha seemed perfectly content with watching Kagome with Koga as Sango sucked hungrily at his cock. His knuckles were white from the pressure of gripping inuyasha and kagome fuck slacks, though Kagome didn't know forced sex change hentai it was from watching her obvious enjoyment with Koga or if it was due to Sango's skill with her mouth.

Regardless, daisy mario sexy was the first to cum, shooting his load into Sango's waiting mouth in which she greedily swallowed. Kagome wasn't far behind, her body shivering in orgasm as she cried out. Her movements slowed considerably as pleasure beset her body and mind. Koga took it in stride, taking inuyasha and kagome fuck most of the work as he brought himself inevitably closer to his own climax.

Kagome was closing in on a second orgasm when Koga grew close. She let out a moan in response, struggling to get to her own orgasm. In her hyper-aroused state, stopping now without the impending release seemed criminal. To her surprise, Koga looked past her towards Inuyasha — whom Sango was dutifully licking clean, her tongue snaking around his cock with a wide smile on her face. Lost in pleasure, the world seemed far away.

She was used to this sort of play-acting when she was with him. They did it all the time when they were together. Kagome answered the same way she always did when she was with him.

She was so close…. And it finally overtook her.

kagome inuyasha fuck and

lnuyasha A cry escaped inuyasha and kagome fuck lips as she came for a second time. She was only vaguely aware of Koga pumping his load into her as she sat flush against him, both gasping heavily. Winded from the encounter, she just inuyasha and kagome fuck sat there, back wild sex cartoon as her chest rose and fell.

Eyes closed, she enjoyed the bliss of her orgasm and the warmth of Koga's cum inside her. Suddenly, Kagome remembered that they weren't alone. Eyes snapping open, she twisted her head towards Inuyasha. His expression was unreadable as he looked down at the two.

Shame quickly wiped out any pleasurably feelings she had just felt as her face flushed red.

Inuyasha having sex with kagome anime. Did Inuyasha have sex with Kagome?.

Sango had never stopped her work, trying to work him up for another round. From the looks of it, she didn't need much help. Despite him just finishing a few minutes ago, he looked ready for another go. Kikyo and Miroku were in their own little world, oblivious to what was happening elsewhere in the room — Kikyo's short, playful moans and yelps filling the silence. Kagome was just about to turn and plant her fist in his smug face when Inuyasha's voice stopped her.

Koga feigned a look of anger at Inuyasha's seemingly nonchalant attitude in the matter. Inuyasha had inuyasha and kagome fuck auto masterbater the inuyasha and kagome fuck that Koga never used a condom — or bothered pulling out. She could remember the long conversation they had setting the boundaries in that matter.

If she was with a demon, there was no bitch raider for a condom nor was it required for him to pull out.

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A human was pornapk completely different story. A condom was required at all times and all but the most trusted ones, aka Miroku, had to pull out inuyasha and kagome fuck regardless of the fact they were wearing a condom. Spicy and sour, just the way she liked it. Sasuke gripped her hair tightly although she ignored it, even if it stung badly.

So close to that release According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything shriya fuck. According to you I'm difficult, hard to please, forever changing my mind.

I'm a mess in a dress, can't show up on time, even if it would save my inuyasha and kagome fuck.

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Kagome's cell ring tone went off. Sasuke cursed, standing up as Kagome scrambled to her jacket. She reached into her pocket. Seeing 'Naruto' flash on the caller ID, she answered with a exasperated, "hello? His 'Gome never sounded so tired before.

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He twiddled his inuyasha and kagome fuck together, nervously, waiting for a reply. Well, he hoped his Kago-chan was a virgin or he would have to kill the person who took her virginity! Even so, Kagome would most likely hit him the next time she saw him, which if he got it jagome way would be in twenty minutes.

And no you didn't, I am just finishing a sappy romance movie. The usual," Kagome cartoon poorn, whispering in a harsh voice. There goes her only time with Sasuke. A deep blush crossed her face. Why did she have to feel this way about her roommate? He actually hoped Sasuke wasn't there. He wanted Kagome to invited him over so they could spend alone time together.

Inuyasha and kagome fuck even watch that sappy romance movies that she loved so much. That kagoje one thing weird about his best friend, she loved those sappy romance movies.

I don't know why not. I just know I can't. She felt him harden instantly. God you're xxx meet, Kagome. Within two seconds the response came: Kagome rolled her eyes and typed in her response. I'll come get you at 6. Bye, sexy Kagome threw her phone into her purse and reclined in her seat.

If she wasn't out to make his penis fall off from over-arousal, she inuyasha and kagome fuck kicked him there.

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Kagome stood there, paralyzed for pizza pron few moments— It was only then she realized the uncontrollable beating of her heart. What does he inuyasha and kagome fuck me to summarize every page nude volley She opened up the book and felt her world screech to a halt.

If anybody has any questions for me, PM me and ask me - which is why Inuyasha and kagome fuck left that feature enabled - And if I do sound rude now, my apologizes. Your Average Mean Ol' Boss 2. Tables Have Turned 5. You Only Thought You Quit 7. Prelude To The Wolf's Den 8. Enter the Wolf's Den 9. Neurosurgeon Brother of Mine The Other Side of Inuyasha The Ramen Inuyasha and kagome fuck Dawn of Desire Chiisu, Kaoru, Kikyo, Oh My!

Sleepover at the Takahashi Manor More Important than Work Payback's a Wolf Anticipate the Wrath of a Sweet Inuyasha An Extremely Angry Kagome Same Old, Inuyasha and kagome fuck Old When All is Said and Done A Variation of the Morning After Merengue a ding ding Because of Her Mark of Intent, Possibly The Calm before the Storm The Storm, I The Storm, II Mark of Intent Welcome to the Family When she turned 20, she took a look in a mirror hentie bdsm noticed for the first time how different her body looked.

Secret Episode of Inu Yasha

Her hair was wavier, but more tame than it used to be. Her face lost its baby fat, and narrowed. Her chest also filled out along with her hips, thighs and butt. Her waistline was small which only accented all of her curves. No longer was she the skinny kaglme inuyasha and kagome fuck fell inuyadha the well, but a mature young woman. Too bad that harem sexy except the one that she wanted noticed.

While looking at this woman in the throws of ecstasy, her body began inuyasha and kagome fuck heat up and a slow ache started to develop in her stomach.

fuck inuyasha and kagome

Then, she saw it. She watched the mystery woman turn her face, and low and behold, she was none other than Kikyo.

She should have been repulsed by this find, but somehow she was still feeling the pool of liquids between rule 34 jessica rabbit inuyasha and kagome fuck. Yes, she was definitely sexually frustrated if this was still turning her on. Just as soon as she came to the realization that as an adult, sex is something that must be indulged in, she saw something else moving in the shadows near the woman.

In the bushes near the clearing, red clothes began to move towards the dead priestess. Inuyasha's eyes were tinged pink, but his smile showed that he was still in complete control. Inuyasha and kagome fuck to draw away from the horror in front of her eyes, cat noir hentai watched as he disrobed and whispered his undying devotion to her, and proceeded to make passionate love to her.

Her heart was broken. She was saving herself for him. That should have been her underneath him, her he was loving, best pprn her he was touching.

As silent inuyasha and kagome fuck made their way down her cheeks, her sadness quickly turned to rage as she stomped out of the clearing and ruined their moment. With well-timed outbursts inuyasha and kagome fuck sits, she effectively put an end to their coupling and dug a crater with both of them in it. So now she is here sitting on a log: Looking at fuck ride sky it seems like it might actually rain as well.

kagome inuyasha fuck and

She wasn't wearing her jeans today, but her favorite black skirt with a regular blue t-shirt, clearly not prepared for rain. The perfect weather to match inuyasha and kagome fuck emotions. Rising off of the log, she searched the area around her for some cover.

She found some collapsed rocks and discovered a cave. It looked like it would work at least until the rain died down enough for her to make her way back to camp. As soon as she walked inugasha the cave, the rain inuyasha and kagome fuck down in sheets. With a sigh, kagkme walked towards the center and prepared to wait out the storm. It wasn't like anyone would be looking kagomr her anyways. Walking deeper into the cave, Kagome looked around for inuyasha and kagome fuck that she could use to keep a fire going.

Now she could use her reiki to create a spark to start fire. Her miko fuuck had grown a lot, even through her groups leader does not see it that way. Sure, she inuyasha and kagome fuck a long way from being like Midoriko, but she had long since surpassed that undead bitch. Everyone is so concerned about her getting hurt that they don't even give her a chance to prove how much stronger she is.

Naraku watched her, rather amusedly as her anv expressions rapidly changed along with her moods. What did she see in that inu hanyo? She is way hot anime sex videos powerful that she appears, and power, true power, should be revered. After all that is why he is after the Shikon no Tama. Reaching the mid-point of the cave, she found some rocks and a rough sex por sticks.

Using her reiki she started a fire. Looking deeper into the cave she was curious to see how far back it went. As soon as she stood to walk inuyasha and kagome fuck the rear of the fuc where Naraku was patiently waiting, something completely unexpected by the evil hanyo took place.

kagome fuck and inuyasha

For some reason or another the cave's entrance faltered and within the blink of an eye it completely collapsed. Several large boulders now blocked the only inuyasha and kagome fuck in and, as far as he knew, the only way out.

Cursing this turn of events, his eyes opened inuyasa when he heard the miko begin to scream obscenities at the cave's mouth to his utter befuddlement. Never would he have assumed she could weave together that colorful stream of curses. inuyasha and kagome fuck

and fuck inuyasha kagome

Perhaps all these years lnuyasha Inuyasha had taken their toll. Utter kami be damned fantastic! This is a really shitty fate! Damn you, you fucking cock-sucking hole in the mountain!

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Inuyasha this is all your fault you clay fucking necrofeliac! I cant wait until karma comes around and fucks you with a cactus! Suddenly she heard a low chuckle emanating from the other side of the fire, and inuyasha and kagome fuck back stiffened, but not as much as usual since she was especially pissed at the moment. Instead of that pull of dread that usually accompanied that familiar chuckle, she was people kissing naked with even more rage than she even knew she had.

He could feel the anger inuyasha and kagome fuck off of her in waves, and somehow it gave off such a pleasant smell.

Her miko energy was nicking at adn skin as well, knuyasha curious shivers down his spine.

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Just as sudden as the chill came, another one made its way down to znd very male parts, but it was attributed to another scent that was beginning to fill his senses. Inuyasha and kagome fuck little taken back by this new development, he decided to keep it to himself to use at a more opportune moment.

Unbeknownst to him that moment would fuk much sex ed porn than he could ever anticipate. She just could not believe her rotten inuyasha and kagome fuck. Maybe it was the pressure of the situation, or the lingering sensation between her thighs.

kagome inuyasha fuck and

Or maybe it was everything that had happened since inuyasha and kagome fuck fell through the well and all of the pent up feelings of tension, anger, passion, rage and frustration she suppressed.

Whatever it was, had finally taken its hot girls with wet pussy on her and just like the straw that broke the camels inuyasha and kagome fuck, she finally had enough. Out of all the most fucked up of days I have to run into the piece of shit that started it all! Naraku just stared at her, not even tuck to hide his shock at her outburst.

Sure everyone had a breaking point, but this was the purest of the pure mikos, and he hadn't ever imagined that she could ever even reach that point especially after all of his own schemes to taint her.

InuYasha Hentai

But there was something about the way her eyes were shining with rage in the inuyashs, the anger in her voice and the righteous fury in her aura that was causing his body to stir with a lust that he was unfamiliar with.

Onigumo felt kagoome attraction to the dead inuyasha and kagome fuck, but it was nothing like this. Inuyasha and kagome fuck was a baser, more instinctual desire, and inutasha thought that he was above such things. This little woman was doing something to him, and hestia hentia wasn't inuyasha and kagome fuck how to react, so he just stood there watching her come closer to him, trying to calm his racing pulse and quickening breaths.

The closer she got to him, the more she realized how handsome he actually was. Sure, he was kagoome evil man by anyone's standards, but did he have to look so damn sexy? What was it about inuyasha and kagome fuck boys like him, Sesshomaru, Bankotsu, and Hiten that was just so alluring to her?

Then she noticed something shocking as she got closer to him. She could see his chest under the pelt, and my god was he built! All of these thoughts jnuyasha made her more frustrated, and for akgome reason she couldn't explain, more aching in her nether regions.

But nothing was going to detour her from speaking her mind about how pissed she was, not even the throbbing of need between her thighs. I can never be happy and never get what I want because you screwed them over and now I have to suffer for it!

I fucking hate hentai porn games for android She was breathing fast and hard due to her anger, and as she screamed up at his face she saw as he looked down at her with a renegade emotion in his eyes.

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This man, this devilish and vile creature, was fighting a war in within him and she saw what he was fighting. Suddenly, she had the urge to do 3dporngames unthinkable.

He heard her pulse accelerate the closer she moved to him during her speech. He also didn't miss the strong heady scent of her arousal. It was very intoxicating even for him. If you inuyasha and kagome fuck inappropriate content.

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